Sunday, 17 April 2016

 Well, the 2016 birding season has officially begun. I went out early today for my first extended birding expedition and came away with several nice shots. The Flickers were calling all morning along with the Towhees. I use a recorded call for the specific bird I'm targeting to help lure them closer. It works great!
I posted some images of my essential birding gear which I take with me. I also wear camo clothing, good rubber boots or hunting boots and face covering. I thoroughly believe these items make a significant difference in not spooking birds that are very close, especially waterfowl.
I just purchased the Wimberley Gimbal tripod head (WH-200) and it's excellent! I'm currently using a Nikon D800E with my Tamron 600mm and a Nikon SB-800 flash. all seems good for now. I'm interested in the new Nikon D500 DX. with its 1.5 crop factor and blazing 10-11 fps and 20+ MPs. Maybe in the fall?    
A Common Flicker calling for a mate.
 An Eastern Towhee also calling for a date. I love their blood red eyes. 
 I got the jump on this old boy when I seen him before he spotted me. Again, camo was the determining factor here all most. He flanked me on the right and landed in a tree over the main path but about two hundred yards ahead. I slowly made forward progress advancing only several feet at a time. It certainly wasn't long till he tired of the game and left. So, only one shot from too far away.
 Wood Ducks. Simply beautiful waterfowl!
A shot of a Bluebird swing'n in the sun!
Things are looking excellent for an encounter with a Warbler soon...